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please ignore it.

this was a post I sent from the iphone app and I _did_ set the default to a smaller list of friends...

so, yeah. that was weird. I only hope that like me, most of my friends have migrated to facebook and don't even read much here anymore as I don't make posts for like months and months at a time.


so... you know nose noises?

i can't remember why, but about 14 yrs ago my nose noise ended up being "I'm working on my nose noise"

even geoff's nose noise was "kris is working on her nose noise"

i just ended up saying hi to a friend I haven't spoken to in maybe 10 yrs and one of the first things he asks me via facebook is:

Than ks
Sorry stepped away. Back now
It's been a while
I suppose the only real question I should ask is if you are still working on your nose noise.
i am. :)
it was tested again last night
i don't know what the big deal is, when its ready, it's ready
can't rush into these things lightly
Well, there are many of us with money riding on that ;)

huh. sigh.

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i still like ender's game, but i'm really disappointed in what orson scott card has to say about gay marriage.


check out this site for cool kitchy pop japanese culture/cute things: http://www.myplasticheart.com/

my roommates just got back from hawaii and they gave me this (Mozzarella of the Moofia)!!!

are you a crappy cook?

food network is looking for you ASAP
to teach you how to cook during a show. :D

Jewel Blinks

Jewel Blinks, originally uploaded by Ray Radlein.

a funny photo from dragoncon of jewel saite with a "weeping angel" from dr. who.

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